Wednesday, September 9, 2015

09/04/15 - MALO AIGA!!!


I hope everything has been way sweet this week!!! Thank you for all the awesome DearElders and keeping me updated!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to write thank you letters because this week has been way crazy trying to get everything done before we leave tomorrow!! But know I love you all and thank you immensely!!!!!!! Know that you're all in my prayers!! 

I think I'm actually set with all my stuff, I actually am going to send some stuff home because I have too much and I want to save some stuff for after my mission! So I'll send that tomorrow morning!! 

We actually got released as ZL's on Tuesday, and it was way sad because I loved getting to know everyone in the zone and the Tongan districts did really well adjusting and they're mingling in with all the other misisonaries in the Island Zone so it's been way sweet!! I'm way excited for the field though because our teacher showed us so BEAUTIFUL pics (I hope I have email so I can send some when I get down there cause they were awesome!!)! I'm actually way nervous, or it may have been the chocolate milk I had for breakfast, but either way, it's sketching me out...the plane from NZ to Samoa is like those small planes in the movies that are always shot out of the sky and go down in the ocean, but I know the Lord will be with us!! 

And holy cow!! I've met almost all the USU ambassabro's here!! 2 are gone and I found 2 more today actually!! It's been so sweet!! I don't know Dallin's email but I'll give him your email so he can get a hold of you! 

SO!! This week has been way nuts, like coconuts!!! But so many way sweet things happened!! So guess who spoke on our last Tuesday devo!!?!?!?!? ELDER DALLIN H OAKS!!!!! 2 APOSTLES IN 5 WEEKS!!!!! His wife, Kirsten, began and she served in Japan on her mission and she said the coolest thing!! Her mission brough her so much joy and it worked her to become such an amazing missionary!!!! And she gave 3 Truths that she found on her mission...
1 Make sure investigators KNOW the Plan of Salvation
2 Know You have a loving Heavenly Father that loves and always watches over You
3 LOVE your companion!! Both mission and eternal!!
It was fabulous!! And then Elder Dallin H Oaks spoke on the most important aspect of a mission, which begins in Preach My Gospel chapter 10!! It's a way big quote so I encourage you to read it! This was his topic and he spoke on how EVERY member should memorize the sacrament prayers because of its constant reminder and promise that if we live obediently and follow Him, we will be blessed with the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost!!! It is so important for teaching investigators not only for you, but your investigators to have the spirit!! But that isn't the biggest topic I wanted to talk about that was a WAAAAAY sweet experience!!!! I can't remember who said it, I think it may have been Elder Bednar, but he talked about how when we listen to a spiritual thought, a talk, or a lesson, not only write down notes from the thought, talk, or lesson, BUT ALSO write down the spiritual promptings you recieve from the spirit!!!! Tonight was the way coolest experience because it was the first time that I did it, and it was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! The spirit was way strong and the talk was amazing, but the one word that kept popping into my head during his talk, was "PREPARE". At first,I didn't quite get it, but then I got to thinking and it was EXACTLY what I needed! I realized I needed to BEST prepare myself, before I may be able to prepare and invite the investigators and the spirit may testify of the truthfulness of my soa's and my message and testimonies!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!! I know Christ and the Lord love us unconditionally and when we prepare ourselves to again meet Him in Heaven, He will gladly and loving help and guide us through our trials, and He will NEVER leave!! But it is up to us to keep Him near by following Him, take upon His name, and ALWAYS REMEMBER HIM!!! YES!!!!!!! 

And now with my travel schedule....we're leaving the MTC tomorrow at 1 and our flight to LA doesn't leave til 5. Then we leave to LA and we'll be at the LAx airport after a 2 hour flight til about 9:45ish! Then we have a 13 hour flight to New Zealand and we'll get there about Monday morning cause we skip time zones, and we'll be there with a 10 hour layover til around 3 NZ time, and then we'll take a 4 hour flight to Samoa and get there around 8:30 ish in Apia!! 

Kyle! Dude stop getting hurt man! I'm praying for all of you bros to do well in your sports!! Cade keep it up, stay aggressive homes!! And Keato, once you start your sport, go to town dudey!! 

Honestly, toilet paper and prayers and pics of the fam is what I would like!! The speaker doesnt' work, so I'm sending it home with the other stuff so you can get a refund, and I'll just get a cheap one in the airport!!! Thankyou for all the support I love YOU 5 INFINITELY and pray for you all daily!! Just because You're on a mission doesnt' mean you can do misisonary work!! We taught a TRC this week with a guy from Samoa named Don about Helaman 5:12 and building our foundation in Christ, and when we do this, we cannot fall!!!!!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll have email, but if not you'll get a letter in about 3 weeks!!! 

And I'll be able to call you tomorrow!!!!!!! I'll call mom's phone cause I can't remember dad's so Mom keep your phone close!! It'll probably be around 1 for like 5 minutes and then I can call at the airport in Salt Lake!!!!


Alofa atu,
Elder Larson
Colby with Elder Bickmore and Elder Shwenke

Colby with Elder Chugg

Colby with Elder Ward

Temple selfie

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  1. Talofa Elder Larson! Wow I am so jealous! What a blessing the people of Samoa will have with you spreading the Gospel! We miss you on the football field but know that Kyle is doing well representing! We wish you the best of luck and send our best wishes to you in paradise! Aloha from the Tinker's!!