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9/28/15 - HEY YA'LL!!!!!!!! Malo lava!!!!

HEY YA'LL!!!!!!!! Malo lava!!!!

Hey one thing...Talofa is said only in sacrament meeting here, haha no one says Talofa, it's always Malo Lava! Just thought you'd ought to know why!! Thankyou so much for keeping me updated, you have no idea how awesome it is to read your updates of the week!!! I'd love to hear from Keato though!! 

So this was a couple days of my week...

Sept 25th!
Malo lava! Lenei aso was feololo..(don't know how to spell that) but it was a way good learning day!! We had zone meeting this morning from 10 to 2:30ish, which was way long but I learned quite a bit!! 
#1. We need to be way good and understand the 2 most important stories we teach...
                              The Story of Joseph Smith
                              The Atonement
#2. When the Lord asks us to go do something, the only 2 words He want to hear, is "I will" (Matth 8:1-3, 1 Nephi 3:7)
This is one just from my thoughts...
#3. Don't let ANYTHING stand in the way of You and fulfilling your purpose as a missionary!!
OH, and today I got my first dog bite!! We were visiting a tagata sailiili and she wasnt' home so we went around back to check to see if she was there, and she wasnt', so we turned around and this dog just crept by and I didn't really think anything of it, until it latched onto my ankle, but I pulled it out fast enough so it couldn't catch a good wasn't way back, but it did get me some nice bite marks and swelled up a little bit(: But it's all good! Nothing's gonna keep me from Tala'i Lana Talalelei!! (Preaching His Gospel)

Sept 26th
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! Today was a TOF day!! (Trial of Faith or Tofotofoga o Faatuatua...either way it's TOF, who knew!!!?!?!) We were in Amanave fale, (which what we though was the middle of our area) and walked to the backside of the island where our area ends. WE walked for 3 1/2 hours in one direction and didn't even reach the end...and this is not just some path by the beach, this is a hike through, around, on top of, below, the mountains!!! We did find an older lady that seemed way excited about the church which made the walk worth it, but we definitely felt it in our swollen feet. So we got back to the house, and I've been getting these wierd red bumps and we realized our beds have fleas!!!! But come what may and love it ya know!?!?!? Lose yourself in the walking, swollen feet, flea biting beds, mosquito infested places, the hills, the dog bites, and ESPECIALLY THE WORK!!!!!! 

REal quick I'm going to summarize Sunday yesterday!!! So I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting which was possibly the scariest moment of my life, but I came out alive and no one was laughing so I think that's long as they felt the spirit, it's all good right!? Oh and please please please pray for our investigator Taua!!! I can't remember if I told you about her earlier, so I'll recap! She's the matai of the Amanave village and she's been giving the church a hard time about building a chapel for the branch on this land she has in the back, but she's been a rock about it apparently. BUT, about a week and a half ago we taught her the first lesson, and invited to baptism and she almost accepted!!!! She knows its true, her roots just go way deep into the church she's in right now, because she's a deacon and they get paid, and all her family came from that church, but we're teaching her the Plan of Salvation this wednesday so please pray that she will know with a surety that this church is true!!!! If she gets baptized, it could change the entire area!!! Please please pray for her!! Manuia le po!!

Awesome dream Dad!! Just so you know I would've hugged you both as fast as I could!! I miss you guys!! I didn't get the package yet, it takes about 3 weeks to go through customs and stuff, so hopefully I might get it tomorrow!! THank you so much for sending it!!! Haha we will watch conference this week, but it'll be at 5 and 9 in the morning and then priesthood at 1! So that'll be a long day, but awesome!!! I got a way sketch haircut as well this last pday, so I'll keep your eyes nice and not scarred from not sending any pics of my face for a couple weeks til my hair grows back(: 

THanks for keeping me updated with football too!! Elder Reid and I are in the same district, and when we get together we just chat football and we laughed at the BYU thumping they got!! His buddy is a true freshman at Utah and he caught two TDs against Oregon this week!! 

Don't worry about sending money, my soa and I realize that if we pay $10 of our $50 each month in Fast offerings, the Lord will bless us!!! And He definitely has!!! And I'm actually gaining good weight now, mostly in my legs cause of all the walking, but in the mornings we get some crazy workouts, so don't worry we won't be fat!! No gonna lie, my buns aren't as solid as they once were, so I'm gonna have to start doing lunges or something....=P

HAha and please, could you send a good backpack?? MY strap broke on my bag and I have to carry it around away from my body, cause it gets way dirty and my white shirts, aren't staying to white on my left side, so that would rock, THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!! Again I really want to send a package home, but I'll have to wait til I get to Upolu cause the ie's are cheaper there! (an ie is a lavalava....lavalava is the word for clothes over here:) And some way good shells!!!!

Keep hitting me with the updates too!!
Oh really random but way funny..last night I had a dream that we went to our fafaga for the day, and Jimmy Fallon was serving us chinese food and a panda bear was cooking the food!!! Way reandom but way funny, am I right!?!?!?

Haha anyways I love ya all and the work is a little slow just because we have to go to each area for a week so it's hard to get contacts with the investigators we have, but it's all in the Lord's time!!!! Do it His way cause He does it BEST!!

ALofa atu!!!!!
Elder Larson
Tag with a hermit crab

Just being a weirdo...

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