Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4-11-17 Having the time of my LIFE in Samoa!!

How's the Fam?

I am so sorry! I just wrote this massive paragraph to you and I just deleted it by accident... haha sorry!

ZL life is so crazy busy, but I'm having so much fun, because we get to see Pres. Hannemann so much more often and it literally just brings such a smile to my face! Well, I had this really detailed explanation of this cool new program that our Pres.and his wife set up at Pesega, but I deleted it all by accident): So, deleted story short....the mission is doing a visitors center right now. Just about everyday we get to go with elders or sisters in our zone with their investigators and have one of the most spiritual experiences ever! IT'S AWESOME!! So it's starts with these massive pictures of Christ, the first vision, the Restoration of the Priesthood, the Plan of Salvation, temple work, and Christs baptism in the River Jordan! And then a 20 min  Restoration movie to end it and almost every single non member that has gone through, walks out with a greater love for the Savior and what he did, and a date to be baptized!!!! IT'S INCREDIBLY SPIRITUAL and I absolutely love it every time we go through!! I've really grown to love the priesthood, the temples and the work done inside, and especially the Savior!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Kyle, Cade and Keato! You all need to memorize the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood! One thing that Pres Hannemann is really emphasized to our mission, and it's really hit me and the spirit has testified to me the importance of this, that EVERY priesthood holder should have memorized the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood!! Always remember the holy power that you hold and how you need to live clean in order to access that power of God!! I've come to love...and am sooo grateful for the Lord's trust in me to hold His holy power and He trusts us all to live worthy of it!! 

Love you all! Sorry... not a lot of time, but that's just how ZL life goes! Oh...and I just got the package this morning! You rock!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!! Have a bomb as week!!
Elda Laason

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