Monday, January 23, 2017

1-15-17 #E tainane le paia lasilasi o le 'aiga alii nei.....

FAM!! What is happening!?!?!? 

Sounds like you have had heaps of fun in the snow... lucky ducks!! I'm turning maroon and my comp is turning black over here it's so hot, we just keep yeah!! 

So this week, it was kind of a trial of faith week...haha, things are sort of moving, but then as soon as things start moving, people stop progressing....Sunday comes around and we get to church and no one seems to see the importance of church. For the past 2 weeks we haven't had a single investigator at church. Its super depressing because it feels like the district where the sister missionaries are are really trying to get some people to church too, but they usually cancel like 15 minutes my comp and I talked about it, never done it before, but we're going to go about an hour and a half before church next week, and literally give ALL our investigators a wake up call to come to church!! haha We're hoping it goes well, never done it before, but if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got! 

So I just want to talk a little bit about a young family we found tracting this week...Salele'a and Penina, and then their 4 little ones under 7! So we were really just trying to find more people to teach and went down this road that I don't think any missionaries have ever gone down, because it's almost hidden, but we went down, then we found a Mcdonalds house, haha painted red and yellow with a matching fale apa next to it, no one home so we went to a little fale samoa in the back, where we found this family. We sat down with them and just got to talking with Salele'a and his wife more about them, and then we just shared a 10 minute message about the Plan of Salvation and then asked for a return date so we met again on Saturday and let me tell you, I have never seen a couple so into these teachings, especially these two!! They were just drinking in the Plan of Happiness, Penina was straight reading cover to cover the pamphlet while Salele'a was asking questions and we were talking more about it, and the Spirit was so strong, it was just the BEST!!!! Penina had to leave near the end though, so she left, BUT she came back and asked when the next time we were coming over to have another family teaching session and was super happy about it, which NEVER happens! So we kind of wrapped it up with Salele'a because we wanted them both to be there! So we're going back Tuesday, and then as we were walking out, a man in the next fale Samoa over, called out to us, asked how we were doing, and then out of the blue was like, "So when can you come to my family and talk about the teachings your talking about with Salele'a fam??" So we were like ABSOLUTLEY we'll come and teach you... got his name and we're going back Tuesday! AND THEN, the last house in this area, the Mcdonalds house, the old lady that lives there called out to us, asked what we'd been doing, then said we were really good, and then asked when we could meet again with her!!!!! IT WAS SO WONDERFUL!! So Tuesday we're going back!! 

My comp and I walked out of there on cloud 9 it was so awesome!! We've just really been hoping for a miracle, cause our presidents goal for the mission is for each month, each zone in the mission gets 30 baptisms, which by the end of the year will get the mission to 3000!! One, he is called of God, two, they fasted and prayed for this, and 3, we have promises from Pres Russel M Nelson than Obedience will bring Success, but Exact Obedience will bring Miracles! It's just another testimony of how much our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us! He's always watching over us, and helping us along our eternal journey back to our heavenly home!

Love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!! Thank you so much for sending the package!! Love you all!!!
Elder Larson

PS...When things aren't moving, it's always nice to go sit on the edge of the ocean and regroup our thoughts...

And then we both found coconuts to drink and we busted the shell, and they came out like big white snowballs haha! 

My awesome Soa! (Companion)

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