Friday, January 13, 2017

1-1-17 #2017 #ManuiaLeTausagaFou

My apologies this post is out of order. I thought I had posted 1-1-17 weekly email of Elder Larson's.

Fam, what's happening!?!?! How are you doing?!?! It was so awesome to talk with you on Christmas!! Fantastic!!! Good to hear all your voices, even Cade whos voice dropped by 5 octaves haha! 

Well, here's whats happening in Samoa!! E Fesolai is officially done, haha love the guy. It was a great learning experience! I'm now with E Leaitigaga, and we are going to absolutely just kill this transfer!! He's from Long Beach and has almost hit his year mark, next month! He's awesome and we're both really excited to really dig down and just go to town with the work that is ready to be done here in Faala! Our goal is to get 10 baptisms... which we're praying, fasting, and striving to be exactly obedient which is not the easiest thing, but it's the right thing, and we're seeing so many blessings come from it it's awesome!! We only got about 3 solid days of proselyting this past week, cause Fesolai wanted to faamavae with families and was just really ready to finish his mission, but Friday to Sunday, we went missionary crazy, and we just asked for referals, looking for service, and talking to everyone we saw, and in that 3 days we got 12 referals, with more on the way this week, and we are having an FHE with a part member family tonight that we're hoping to extend 2 baptismal invitations tonight!! The work is moving and the Lord's Church will not be stopped in progression! 

Just really excited to get really working again!! It's fantastic to have a comp who is ready to work and willing! Pres Hannemann is always stressing that we become "I will" missionaries! Something new comes up, we don't question we just say I will. Like Nephi, we we are faced with trials, we need to say, "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for the Lord giveth NO commandment unto the children of men, SAVE HE SHALL PREPARE A WAY FOR THEM, that they may accomplish the thing that he commanded them." We may be given things that are too hard, or too difficult to follow, but I promise and more powerful the Lord promises that He will Prepare a Way for Them, that we just have to be willing to follow. So I guess my question is, when trials come your way this week, will you sit and crumble or will you stand with the strength of Nephi in seeming impossible things and say "Lord, I will"?

Love you all and hope this week is just a fantastic one!! Sorry not much, but Love you all and hope yous are having an absolutely fantastic new year!!

Elder Larson

More preaching in paradise!!

Elder Larson got a Samoan Rugby shirt for his 20th birthday! Woot! Woot!
Love you ALL!

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