Friday, July 31, 2015

7/31/15 - Talofa 'Aiga (Elder Larson's First Email)

Talofa family is what that means!!(;

I hope you all are having fun!! Friday's are my p days so that's how it'll be til I leave the MTC. These past couple days have been awesome!! I just got your package and faafetai (thankyou)!!! I'm trying to use as much Samoan as possible so bear with me!! It'll help a ton cause we eat dinner at like 5 and I'm starving by 8 so that'll be a huge blessing!!! Faafetai lava!!! And the TP!!!! I'm gonna need it once I'm in the field!! So, how is everything going at home?? Oh and for Kyle, he'll know what it means....moli!!! hahahahahahhaah!!! My soa (companion) is Elder Bickmore!! He's from Sandy and played bball for his high school!! He's way chill and we're puttin in work learning Samoan!!! Hahaha and guess what!?!? I just got called as district leader so that's new and it's like a fire hose is getting sprayed in my face which is ridiculous but the Lord knows I can do it, so I'm going at it with full force!!! So yesterday we were teaching investigators as a branch, kind of like a questionaire deal, and I totally came up with this so don't bother looking it up!!! One of the biggest ways to help teach, I call them the three L's.....Love, Listen, Learn. You have to love the people you are teaching and care for them, otherwise they won't feel your concern for their safety and the Spirit won't be present and then you're done for. Listen to your what your investigator has to say, and then learn more about them so as to help them with any concerns they have in the gospel or about the church!! It's simple but I testify that it definitely works!! If you're trying to just shove religion down their throats, you and your soa aren't going anywhere!!!! It's been a solid three days and I'll have more for next week, I forgot my journal in our dorm so I'm a little short on some stories but I promise I'll have more next week!! Keep me updated on Kyle and Cade's football!!! Alofa atu ( Love you guys)!!!!! Faafetai again for the package!!!

Elder Larson

ps. I can't figure out pics but when I do I'll send them!!! Tofa soifua!!!!!

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